Oregon Indoor is currently accepting team registrations for the FALL 2019 season! We offer youth leagues for boys and girls, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14 and high school ages, however, leagues will vary depending on team registration. For more information on registering a team, please see the registration details below.


  • All games are played on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Depending on the number of teams that register we may have very early game times on Saturday
  • 8 games per season
  • Youth league participants are allowed to roster on one team per league. Rostering on a second team or guest playing for another team will result in a forfeit of all matches that a player is ineligible for.
  • Home team wears white, away team wears black. No stripes except for goalie.
  • Team requests will always be taken into consideration, however, there are no guarantees. (ie: specific game times or requests to always be home or away team)
  • All players must wear shin guards and indoor soccer or athletic shoes. Absolutely no cleats. If a player is caught wearing cleats, player will be benched for duration of the game.
  • NO GUM! If your child is caught with gum anywhere inside the facility, they will be asked to leave immediately.


  • Team manager required for every team.
  • $100 non refundable deposit due at time of registration.
  • Complete payment of the team fee, $625, is due in full by the start of the second game.
  • $15 yearly youth membership required for every player, including signed waiver by parent or legal guardian.
  • All fees are non-refundable unless league is cancelled by Oregon Indoor. No exceptions.

Registering a Team:

In order to secure a spot in the desired league a team manager is required to put in a nonrefundable $100 deposit, with the balance of the team fee being paid in full before the start of the second game, no exceptions. Failure to pay on time will result in forfeits of all games until the balance is paid and there will be no field time during a normally scheduled game given to players on teams that haven’t paid on time. Once the schedules have been created there will be no refunds for any teams that choose to drop from the league. Should a team choose to drop after the schedule has been made, that team is still responsible for the entire team fee. Any player rostered on a dropped  team will not be eligible to play at Oregon Indoor until the team fee is paid in full, or the individual players pays an $70 reinstatement fee.

Upcoming Seasons:

Fall 2019: Currently taking registrations for U8, U9, U10, U11

Please email with:

  • Team Name
  • Age Group
  • Team Managers name, phone number and email address.

Once we receive this information we will add you to the desired league and then notify you when we need to collect team deposit. Once the deposits are in, the schedule will be posted and the league will begin.

Need help finding a team:

Oregon Indoor can help young players find a team to play on, or even extra players for your roster. Please email at

Youth League Inquiry:

If you have questions about registering your youth league, please send at email to and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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